Summer Art Camp with Mr. Budowski (ages 9 and up)

Session 1: July 22-26 with Jason Budowski

Session 2: August 5-9 with Jason Budowski FULL

It’s gonna be a painter’s paradise as we draw and paint and dive into art.

The camp day starts with drawing fundamentals in the morning followed by a colorful project where we learn and review important art concept like composition, mood, expression and symbolism. After lunch, we will be working on long term projects and a mural! We’ll definitely be doing a mural again – those were really fun.

Other colorful mediums we will be exploring are soft pastels, water colors, colored pencils and water based oil paints (for 7th grade and older). Each day we will look at different methods and approaches.  A materials list is included below and campers MUST bring a blank multimedia book.

Materials List at the VERY BOTTOM of this page…

Please note that there is a minimum age requirement of 9 years old.

Notes: Space is limited to 16 students.

Price is $585 per week if you are currently enrolled at Adda Clevenger and will be for the 2019-2020 school year.

Camp hours are 9:00 am – 4:30 pm. Doors open at 9:00 am. If someone other than yourself will be picking up your child, please let us know who. If your (upper school) child will be walking home please provide a note saying it is allowed.

Lunch is not provided: Campers must bring their own lunches and snacks.

Payment & Refund Policy: All payments can be made directly to Adda Clevenger via check or money order. Once you sign up online, please pay the office immediately. Signing up puts you on the wait list, payment guarantees enrollment. 
There is no online payment. Signing up determines the order but does not secure your registration. All payments will be held in the office until the camp deposit. After a check has been deposited there will be no refunds, unless the Camp is cancelled. 

Late Pickup: Pickup is at 4:30 pm.  At 4:35 pm a 1 dollar a minute late pickup fee will be enforced.

Materials List
ACRYLICS – I’m requesting that you bring the following mediums because they are FAR superior to the paints we have here in the classroom… which means better results, which means bigger smiles.  I recommend this one but you can purchase any kit that is ARTIST or PROFESSIONAL quality.

SPIRAL BOUND BOOK:  This one is inexpensive and awesome.  We will be painting in this book as acrylics dry fast and it keeps all your work in one handy dandy location:

Watercolors:  some of you love watercolors… bring those if you’d like.  I recommend artist or professional quality so you can get the best results.

Soft Pastels will be provided.

Ink pens will be provided.

Brushes will be provided, but I recommend you bring your own.

Water-based oil paints are an available option on a per student basis and have additional requirements.  Campers must be 7th grade and up and must bring a dry/wet box to keep paint off everything else: